an elegant solution.

8:20:00 PM

Writing is perhaps one of the most profound things a person can do. When something is written in ink it is permanent as far as we know and a part of your soul goes down with it for years to come. text messages with be deleted, emails will dissolve, but journals, notebooks, the thinks we put in ink will be preserved, we'll right them to our children so they know our thoughts, they'll be kept as something to remember us by. when they're found, the finder will have that piece of our soul that we've preserved in our writing. it takes courage to send that piece of yourself into the eternities, to know that what you've said will now be linked back to you as a sign of your character and integrity. the most profound documents, the deepest love stories, the most beautiful speeches are written, are documented, long before they're ever uttered aloud. words spoken without being written will never be remembered. if its not written down, it might as well have not happened.

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