about us

Kory and I met in early 2011 as we both prepared for a field study in India. We started dating in the months before we left and then fell in love as we lived, researched and travelled through India for 4 months. We were inseparable for nearly every waking minute of the time we were there and as we neared our time to come home, we knew we never wanted to be apart. 

We were engaged on Thanksgiving and then married in the Salt Lake Temple in December of 2011. We've experienced great joys and suffered through deep sorrows but life has always felt richer and more meaningful since we've done it together.

 Our sweet Jeremiah boy joined our family in December of 2013. He's kind, busy, sensitive and so so smart. He's detail oriented and so aware of his surroundings. Not a day passes that we're not completely floored by his wit and intelligence. 

Our little Gemma girl was born in September of 2015. She's a total joy and such a light in our lives. She loves everyone she meets but got her mama's stubbornness and stands her ground to get what she wants. We're all smitten by her. 

Together, we own a men's shoe company called Taft. Kory spends his days designing shoes and building the business and I do my best to help while balancing life with two kiddos. There are days when life feels magical and days when it feels exceptionally heavy, but we have a lot of love in our hearts and in our home and for that we always feel blessed.