best friends always.

8:14:00 PM

My best friend in the whole world moved exactly 13 days ago and it feels like years! We did everything together from longboarding through parks in our swimsuits at 2 am, to putting random cars on the street up for sale, to watching the hills a million and two times. We went to lunch together at least 300 times, ate countless grilled cheese sandwiches, listened to our favorite bands play at least once a week, made Avril Lavigne music video and sung her songs at the top of our lungs. We've taken a million pictures, gone dress shopping, built bon fires, made lists in coloring books, driven a million miles and almost died at least 4 times. We've "tested" perfume as nightly activities when we honestly don't know what else to do but at least know we should smell good doing it haha. We've been to Vegas, Arizona, Texas, and New York together. We've cried over stupid boys and laughed over stupid-er ones. We've never fought, never gone through a silent phase, never lost touch, never left eachother out to dry. We're best friends, we will be forever.

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