not me.

10:21:00 PM

sometimes i think of things i'd like to say about myself, things that i'd like to let other people know, but i can never bring myself to it; i just can't imagine any one being so intrigued by me that they honestly care to sit down, read my blog and try to understand who i am; i know i wouldn't. all i can put on this strange thing is my thoughts,if you care to know who i am, you must know my thoughts, because how i think is who i am. my thoughts have to go somewhere, because the real ones are rarely voiced. i need something permanent, something steady, something that won't disappear overnight or get lost. this isn't for you, its for me, it keeps me sane. if that makes me selfish..well i just may have to live with that, i simply can't let my thoughts slip away, if you take away my freedom to think, i'll be gone shortly thereafter. what i think is who i am.

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