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Everything still exists without being validated. A deep thought is still "deep" without being acknowledged as such by another. Or is it? Perhaps the completion of a thought or idea is its acceptance by another, not to say this person agrees- they simply must hear. Is joy full if it isn't shared? Or is personal joy selfish joy, not actually being joy at all because of the sheer contradiction of these words. Joy and love are exclusively marvelous because they are contagious emotions, never to be hidden nor suppressed. Is human validation an evil we should shun or a welcome necessity? Is selfishness a necessity for life or a human depression. Are those who are only concerned about themselves the only ones succeeding? I suppose the answer is dependent on your definition of success, a "successful" life without human relationships within it is in actuality, a failure. Wealth is not wealth if it is not shared, love not love until it is given, and joy not full until it is spread. I suppose, then, joy does indeed need to be shared to be considered complete. Its that feeling you get when something remarkable happens and your whole soul is just filled, you're alive, you are embraced by something, an uncontainable joy: it must extend, it is of necessity, you no longer have the space to house it within yourself.

Love possesses these qualities too, or perhaps it created these qualities. Love is so great because it expands, greatens, deepens, broadens, and encompasses all that was previously existent. Love cannot be contained nor can it be withheld, not when it is in its purest form. When you truly love someone you do so because there is no way around it, it is inevitable, unavoidable, and becomes the very essence of your existence. Maybe that's why we're all so afraid to love. Its bigger than us and will overcome us. Love takes hostages with the purest intent to supply us with a strength of being we have not previously experienced. That's why pure love is desirable above all, without lust or limitation, infinite; never ending because true love can't end lest it is neglected. If we ever feel love has left us we must remember it is not extinguished, it is simply faded: self-diminished, victim of human frailty, lost, yet it never ceases to exist it simply moves on, is recycled. I'm at a loss as to how I should end this little rant. Perhaps, what I'm trying to say, is that we must be willing to forget ourselves, to release all selfishness and self gratification if we want to make room for love in our lives. If you try to catch love by the hand, she will run. But if you show capacity for love, if you subject yourself to vulnerability and leave even the smallest portion of your heart open, or even better if you risk it all and leave your entire heart open supplying a vacant room for love to reside in, she will run to you. Though this may not be an easy task and while it is certainly a dangerous endeavor, the repercussions of this decision are left unmarred by worldly imperfection and shortcomings for love is perfect amidst unimaginable imperfection.

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