Bruised Fingers.

10:16:00 AM

I've developed recently a few rules to live by...

never stifle a kind thought or smile

never let pride interfere with friendliness

never ignore the urge to do a cartwheel

plant trees, grow flowers, and create beauty

be childish (not immature) at every opportunity.

never let education keep you from living

it's okay to put off things for people

put people first, always.

write down every piece of your soul and share it freely

to be afraid of rejection is to fear people, people who are probably also afraid of you.

dare to dream is an understatement, don't just dream, do.

these are just a few rules, rules provoked by an experience I had this week. As I was studying for finals (and rightfully so) I recognized a stack of white paper, scissors, and tape to the left of the computer. I dropped all my books, stopped studying for my test (that I had to take the following day) and became utterly consumed instead in making snowflakes with which to decorate the kitchen windows. I smiled proudly as I gazed at my display, nearly an hour after the project began. I realized that while finals were important, and while may fingers may have taken their toll in bruises from the childrens scissors I was using, its the little things that are good for your soul, every time.

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  1. I just want to comment on every post because I love it so. thank you for sharing. seriously.

  2. I always have urges to do cartwheels, and never do them. I think that you have some good things going here.