change and pinpricking.

11:39:00 AM

Alright ladies and gents, please, please, stop searching for human flaws, you will find them I promise. Just trust they are there without your recognition and more often than not the holder is more aware of them than you can ever imagine. Every human flaw hinders the life of him who carries it in some way. Even if the individual cannot identify what exactly the flaw is, they will inevitably recognize the repercussions of it. When a woman is generally promiscuous and finds herself committing infidelity often others will see her and say “oh you have commitment issues, you can’t love just one man” et cetera et cetera. Yet, while these onlookers may feel it their duty to identify the flaws of this woman, she has long been feeling the effects of her shortcomings via her unsuccessful relationships, confusion at commitment issues and lack of healthy functional relationships. While she may not identify the exact flaw, the precise short coming, she will feel the effects and in some way recognize the necessity of change. I can assure you, in the same way you are aware of your flaws and the dysfunctional aspects of your existence, everyone else is just as aware of theirs. Your impulse to pinprick at faults is not in reality helping anyone for if a person is to truly change and undergo a lasting change it must be on their own terms, due to their own desires, rather than by the pressures of society or the encouragements of soul-savers. A change made for another person is not a change at all but rather an adaption, temporary in its nature. The beholder sees a change and the “changed” recognizes their own temporary façade, yet sticks around long enough to reap the benefits of a joyous beholder. Change is personal, individual, and uninfluenced when it occurs in its purest form. While you may encourage, love, persuade and direct, the only lasting changes are done on the accord of he who desires to change.

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