5:06:00 PM

Yesterday, I was thinking. Imagine you are manhandled, kidnapped, or maybe it’s not even kidnapping perhaps its voluntary, either way; imagine you end up in this room, your presence there a fabrication of your own design. You discover yourself in this place, the door slams behind you and you can here locks in the works. You try the door handle knowing it will be in vain: it is. You linger in this room for days, months, perhaps years even and suddenly, amidst the dim room you see a ladder propped against the far wall, a ladder you had not previously been looking for and therefore had not noticed. What will you do? Will you lie on the ground, surrender and die alone in a damp room? No. You will fight. Would you not climb the ladder? Would you not struggle towards any progress even if you didn’t know what lay ahead? Above all, you would not stay stagnant. You would not sit unchanging in a dark room. The ladder may rise on for miles, you may find yourself in the clouds, in a foreign land, in an unfamiliar world, but you are out of that darkened room. The same is the standard with life. When you are stuck in a rut, in a dark room so to speak. Climb out. There is a way out, a way you’re not seeing. Maybe a way you don’t want to see. Maybe you’re afraid of where this ladder will lead you. Just start climbing. It is infinitely better than dying alone in a dark room.

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