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12:42:00 AM

You were lovely till you opened your mouth,
and sailor's words spilled out.
excuse me, excuse me
pardon my french
but you don't speak french at all.
a paupers language;
and you think it does you justice
smiling coyly,
you know what you've done
thriving on surprise elements.
you pardon your french,
but you don't speak french at all.
Altruism died with Hitler
and Stalin stole compassion
the czar of Russia stole the wine
and Nixon discarded peace
Ivan the terrible was just that,wretched
perhaps we should be more like Thales

today I died
the cold hard truth
is I didn't mind one bit
my soul dissolved into a ghostly form
and I smiled at the beauty of life
I saw from a distance
as I drifted away
a man whose life was in peril
under a bridge, a tunnel a creek
he silently slipped away
and the cars on the freeway passed him by
not knowing that fate was so near
the neighborhood infected with destiny
and the forest filled with predisposition
I wept for the man
in the forest in the creek
under the bridge in the bleak bite of winter
he drifted away and joined my side
and I saw that life was sorrow

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