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I love being part of a generation that thrives on knick knacks and reusables. I love that old cars have "character" and names like Bessie, Judy, and Earl. I love that seeing my friends while I'm shopping at DI is completely normal. I love that when I ask someone where they got their shirt, shoes, etc. "DI" is a common and socially acceptable response. I love that I spend more time shopping at yard sales than in the mall. I love buying something that has a story before I ever put it on. I love seeing young couples go house shopping and watching them choose the vintage disaster over the built-in-2011-masterpiece, because that's what they want, and because they love the little things like glass doorknobs, painted doors, and outdated lighting fixtures. I hate when people say this is an indie habit. or that shopping at DI makes me a hipster. False. It makes me resourceful and low-maintenance. I don't care if my shirt is older than I am, I don't care if my dress was old when my grandmother wore it, I don't care if the lamp in my room is triple my age, I don't care if my shoes come pre-scuffed, I don't care if my dressers are missing knobs, I don't care if my carpet looks like it came from the seventies (because it did), and I don't mind reusing what others see as useless. I actually prefer it.

ps. thank you, grandma, for the shoes.

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  1. Mallory you have done it again. You have put into words exactly how I feel. Thank You.