wanna know whats on my mind?

1:58:00 PM

The time I danced in my room like Tom Cruise
The time I found a bracelet on the ground and never took it off
The time I painted every one of my nails a different color
The time I drove for hours to no where
The time I slept outside to watch the lightning storm
And stayed out there for weeks
The time I slept in a sock drawer
The time I slept under a piano
The time I snuck into a water park in the dead of winter
The time I snuck onto a rooftop
The time I snuck into a concert hall
The time I read poetry for fifty strangers
The time I bussed tables
The time I got lost on purpose
The time I colored on the walls with sharpies
The time I slept on the bough of a boat
The time I wandered around campus in the pouring rain
Wearing brand new shoes
Carrying my laptop.
The time I had a warrant out for my arrest
The time the people at the courthouse laughed when I walked in
The time I wanted to be a racecar driver
The time I wanted to be a boxer
The time I chopped eight inches off my hair on an impulsive whim
The time I spent hours memorizing Shakespearean sonnets for no reason
The time I left my car running in the middle of the road to run through sprinklers
The time I built a giant fire for one s’more
The time I looked like a robot so wires could look at my heart
The time I got scars from a heart monitor
The time they put dye in my brain to check for strokes
The time I spoke in front of hundreds of people, and it wasn't at church
The time I played a stranger’s guitar on top of a stranger’s bus
The time I changed my tires in heels
The time I rebuilt a carburetor
The time they told me I was too young to get my concealed weapons permit
The time I spent the night in a broken sauna
The time I walked in late to my own graduation
And bought my dress on the way
The time I picked pears and stored them in suitcases
The time I slept in a children’s playhouse
The time I slept in a tree house
The time I slept in a fort
The time I started to read the dictionary
The time I got a scar from playing in the rain
The time I got a scar from making a duct-tape ball
The time I got a scar from cutting a mango
The time I got a scar from falling off a couch
The time I tried to crash a wedding
The time I jumped in the Colorado River
and froze
The time I sat still for three hours
The time I counted how many pages I’d written
And lost track after a thousand.

this is the first Monday in a full year that I have not had to go to school. (lets not get technical with holidays alright?)
what does that feel like?

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