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The whole Borders-going-out-of-business thing is gonna be the death of me. I went in today, grabbed a huge stack of books, sat in the middle of the travel aisle and just read. And I'll admit I even cried a little bit. I'm not being dramatic. Or maybe I am but its with good reason. Borders has always been my little getaway. I'd go in and sit for hours and just read until I found a book I couldn't live without. I bought all my journals, spent Friday nights, and visited with my closest friends there. Perhaps whats getting to me more than my nostalgia is the sheer fact that a major book store is going out of business. And I can't help but wonder what that says about where our society is headed. I just wish we would all read. And not from Kindles or online Newspapers. I feel like it would fix just about everything.

You know the scene in You've Got Mail when the shop around the corner goes out of business? That's how I'm feeling today. And now all I want to do is read.

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  1. To the "where society is headed" part.. I think that this might be more suggestive of a medium change rather than an intellectual decline. In short, Amazon is doing terrible things to retailers. On a side note, I have a similar attachment to Borders and am equally sad about it's impending obsoletion.

  2. I love that you are so passionate about everything in your life.