you can read my journal if you want to.

11:05:00 AM

Okay, I'm typically hesitant to call anything that I write in a journal. They're not journals because they typically have nothing to do with what's going on in my life. They're just thoughts. In fact, I would have no hesitation in allowing almost anybody to read my "journals", really. They're personal, sure, but only to me. They don't hold any secrets. Just thoughts.

and as hesitant as I've been to call these writings books journals, I might be changing my mind.

I was reading and it turns out the word journal comes from the French (and therefore Latin based, which I love) word diurnalis which simply means daily. I can't help but think that's really lovely. The word journal has a very personal, secretive connotation to most and I love that all it means is daily. I guess I keep a journal after all.

ps. this will be my next feat

it is as thick as my scriptures, wish me luck.

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  1. Hey Mallory :) I just saw that you are one of my "followers" so i thought i'd check your blog out too. I really like this one. I've always felt the same way. I write in my journal in cursive too!

    Just Thought i'd say hi.