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Alright, sometimes when I'm not feeling the whole writing in a journal thingI write down just one line to sum up the day. A line that usually has absolutely nothing to do with what happened that day, yet it becomes the day's motto. This is just a little mini collection of a few one liners from the past couple of months.

Sometimes forgetting is just as big a blessing as remembering is.

I love having rug-burnt knees; it means my nieces are in town.

And I will marry a man with well-worn, calloused hands.

At this point, I could write a more passionate love song about frosted mini wheats than I could about a man.

She put on her make up like it was a new dress.

And sealing up wounds with super glue.

You say they talk about things that no one really cares about, but maybe you’re the only one who doesn’t care.

The procession looked like they could be attending a black tie ball.

“We’re as strong as burlap.”

You can cross her, just not her kids.

When I was a little girl, I wanted to be a race car driver.

I will never marry a coward.

I want to know why the crickets chirp at night but I don’t want anybody to tell me.

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  1. I don't know if you could ever love a man more passionately than your frosted mini wheats...

  2. And did I ever tell you that when you comment on my blog, it makes me happier than when anyone else does? Well it's true, darling.