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On Thursday we packed up and headed to Kakinada for the weekend. The Vice Chancellor of a University there sent air conditioned cars (that's a big deal) to drive 3 and a half hours to our home in Vizag, pick us up, and drive us right back. The drive to Kakinada was nothing short of amazing, every street was lined with rice fields and palm trees. Everything here is the most natural kind of beautiful and it just doesn't get old. We went to a sort of discussion panel right when we got to Kakinada and the cameras would go back and forth between the speakers and us Americans, at first we were just seeing ourselves projected on the screens in the auditorium but then one of the screens jumped to a live news feed and I read "Breaking News" (it was the only thing written in English) and then see my face on the screen. This happened to a few of us, then it showed the group as a whole, and then the speaker, and then us, etc. etc. This business went on for two and a half hours and I tried my best to look like I understood what the speakers were saying. It was all just very humorous. The Vice Chancellor was very kind, let us stay in his guest house, invited us to have dinner in his Palace, paid for our delicious meals, invited us to perform for his University...which was nothing short of amusing. We sang a 'sloka' for the people and the second we started everyone went silent, its sort of the equivalent of a prayer or religious hymn, they were shocked and we were loving it. While we were in Kakinada we went to an old French town called Yanam and it was easily my favorite part of the trip. We went on a boat ride in the Godavari river and it was just breathtaking, the weather was perfect, there were no boats other than those fishing so we basically had the entire (huge) river to ourselves. I know this isn't the first time I've said this and it certainly won't be the last but the people here just get it. They just know how to be with each other and they know what it means to have powerful relationships, and I really just don't think we can ask for more or need much else.

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  1. wow I'm loving all of your pictures! I'm glad you're having so much fun, and I love reading all about it. still very, very jealous. :)