things you should do....

1:38:00 AM

Visit the most wonderful of the seven wonders
Nick name your dog Freud
Visit the Simhachalam temple
Impress the Indian women with your Sari skills
Haggle with a rickshaw driver
Have hair braided by an Indian translator
Have 4 bindis on forehead at once
Negotiate the price of your own clothing
Visit a fishing village
Eat goat and lamb without knowing you’ve done either
Eat a delicious dessert with a disgusting name
Interview a woman who started working at age 10
Sit on a monsoon drenched rooftop
Wake up to the sound of your neighbors waking Krishna from his sleep by banging on pots and pans
Visit the inner sanctum of a temple
Discover you are friends with the King
Get invited to dinner by the Vice Chancellor
Be asked to appear in an Indian documentary
Visit at least one temple a day
Learn to sing in Sanskrit and write the alphabet in Telugu
Write more than you ever have in your entire life
Fall asleep to Greg Laswell and wake up to Led Zeppelin
Watch a good friend have his head shaved for an Indian goddess…and luck
Learn to sit with people and communicate without speaking
Wonder how in the world you’ll ever leave such a place


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  1. I semi-wish I was brave enough to spend my life savings and do something as amazing as this like you were...

  2. You will be brave enough to leave because you will want to come back to me! haha. Miss you tons!