Fall Break

3:17:00 PM

Last semester when we were in India we were all lucky enough to have a fall break. I went to the Andaman Islands, Kory went to Nepal. Kory and I woke up early one morning (6 a.m. early) to talk and everything fell into place, it was already falling into place but it really fell into place. The Andaman Islands were great but coming getting home to Vizag before Kory did was torture. I waited for a few days (it was longer than it sounds) until Kory got back from Nepal. When he finally got home we just sat there and hugged for a while. All I could say when I saw him was "don't go anywhere ever again." Kory's response was simple "I don't have anywhere to go sweet girl." It is just sort of one of those things I don't ever want to forget.

ps....doesn't that water look like a dream?

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