a few things...

4:36:00 PM

Last night my husband came home from playing soccer, walked into the office and said "Oh my gosh! Mal, I forgot to tell you." "What?" "We were playing at the Wells Fargo building and this guy drove up in a golf cart and I thought he for sure was coming to kick us out but then he asked Mikey if there was a Kory playing. So he was like 'yeah, he's right there,' and he came up to me and he was like, 'Kory Stevens?' so I was like 'yeah?' and he was goes 'Congratulations! You're wife just won the hottest girl ever award."
"Oh my gosh. Kory."
"Malli it's true! You should be so stoked!"

my husband is the best.

Also. Last Saturday was girls night because all the boys had priesthood meetings so, naturally, we hit up Kneaders.


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  2. haha thats so funny. i agree my best friend is a babe! kory is a lucky man.