the eight hour boat ride.

4:19:00 PM

While we were in India one of the little excursions we went on was an eight hour boat trip down the Godavari river. While we were on it Kory somehow ended up dancing for all of the passengers who were enjoying the view from on top of the ship. He rocked that, obviously. So it was a really interesting boat ride but I think for me the best part was that after everything had settled down, the sun was setting, and we had been on the boat for six hours, Kory and I sat by the air conditioner inside the boat and laughed and talked for a few hours. There was a man on the boat who had scars all over his face, Kory asked him what they were from and he said that in his village if there was a problem with your eyes or skin they would cut the skin and hope the illness would bleed out, he was one of the sweetest men we met while we were there. The whole time we were in Rajahmundry I got to spend time with Kory and I loved that. The whole trip was great but there were two moments that I remember more than anything else. The first, I was lucky enough to catch on camera, I remember Kor holding little Chloe and just thinking that he's going to be the greatest Dad some day. The second was when Kory and I were hanging out in his hotel room and watching cricket, he told me he wanted to show me a song so we split the earphones and listened to Against the Grain by City and Colour. I can't really explain what happened then but somehow when we just sat there, not saying anything and listening to this beautiful song everything was just right. I had know it was right long before then but I think what made it so great is that Kory knew too.

here's the song...if you haven't heard it yet, shame on you.

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