we went fishing.

6:18:00 PM

On Saturday, after Kory got off work, we decided to go fishing. Everything was great, I read poetry for one of my classes and watched my hot husband fish, doesn't get any better than that. We stayed for a couple hours and caught a few fish before we decided to head home. We said "okay, this will be the last cast and we'll go until the bait is off" (whether it gets eaten/lost or we catch a fish). After a few minutes Kory felt a tug on the line and we stood side by side as he reeled in the fish. Out of nowhere, the reel dismantled itself and scattered its little pieces everywhere and we just sat there for a second like what just happened? We found all the little pieces in the water and put it all back together, a screw had come loose or something. We were feeling pretty bad for the fish and started to reel it in again, trying to hurry. After another minute or so the reel fell apart again. We were just laughing at this point, it was the last cast of the day and we could not get the thing to work. After a few minutes we put it back together again. Kory was about two seconds away from reeling in the fish manually but he held off. We finally got it, it was a little guy, and we released it back into the water within a few minutes, feeling pretty bad for it (at least I was). It was just a funny few minutes we had there, one of those things you wish someone else was there to see, while simultaneously being really glad nobody saw it all go down.

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  1. Matson has that swimsuit too...I thinK!

  2. No wonder Shannon won and had the most number of fish caught! Her strategy is quite unique and simple. Calling out the fish seems to be highly effective. Good job!

    Melanie Daryl

  3. Your reel dismantling while you are hoping for a catch is bad. But it's fun that you two laughed at the whole thing instead. A cute couple you two are! :) Anyway, to avoid this kind of incident, make sure that your equipment are working fine before fishing. Good luck on your next adventures!
    Bernita @ Catch Me If U Can Fishing Charters