just the beginning.

9:36:00 AM

Yesterday I was thinking about everything that can go wrong in a pregnancy. Stillbirth, miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, etc. I talked to Kory about it. Not because I was worried any of them would happen to me necessarily but because I so feel for the people that they do happen to. I talked to him a lot about how painful it would be to have a still born child, to go through all the work of forming and developing a little child only to deliver a lifeless body. Yesterday, though, as we were talking, I had the thought that, while getting a child here safely is so important, that is just the beginning of it. There are so many more scary, difficult, heart breaking experiences that can happen even after a safe arrival. And the strange thing was, that was a very encouraging thought for me. Maybe it was just that I felt more responsibility, or that it all felt more real but it was just reassuring to think that the nurturing and developing of this little baby doesn't end when he's born. Scary, but wonderful.

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