Baby Troy

10:07:00 AM

On July 31st my sweet sister and her husband welcomed their third child into the world. I wasn't there for the delivery but my sister, who was, just said "she rocked it." And I'm sure she did. 

My little niece, Savannah, was so excited to see baby Troy, it was so sweet to see her reaction.

I don't know why but I just love little baby feet and baby legs. I couldn't stop staring at this little guy's cute toes. 

 These pictures are from a day or two after Troy was born. Braden and Valery were both so excited to see him and bring him the clothes they helped Grammy pick out. Braden wanted to get him everything in the store. Valery can never stop squeezing and kissing him. That baby got a lot of love from her. You can see in their faces how much they already love him.

Welcome to the world baby Troy, you are already so loved.

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