One-Liners (two)

9:31:00 AM

I've posted something similar before, but when I get overwhelmed at the thought of keeping a diligent journal I try to sum up my days with a series of one-liners. Here are some from the past few weeks.They usually have nothing to do with what was done that day, and I think usually that's a good thing.

Choosing motherhood shouldn't be mistaken for a lack of ambition or seen as failed talent
I don't feel like writing anymore.

Challenge: when you talk to little girls, notice things other than their hair/dress/physical appearance 

My dream last night: a hidden cave with a bunch of gold, made into a swimming pool 

Suddenly, it feels like no name is a good enough name for our sweet boy.

 Today we had an indoor picnic

"Comparison is the death of joy"

Sometimes writing can be difficult thing – not because there is nothing to say – but because you know there is no way you'll ever do it all justice.

A lot of very intelligent people have major issues with.... (I was going to say the bachelorette but I don't really care to talk about it anymore).

Kory and I have been talking a lot about writing lately.

Last week in church we sang the star spangled banner as the closing hymn and it was really beautiful and made me wish we'd sing it more often

I've been watching a lot of cooking shows lately. 

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  1. I really love this idea. Journaling seems so overwhelming but jotting down simple thoughts like this is so wonderful and a great way to remember.

  2. love these one-liners. this has really inspired me.