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We had a doctor's appointment on Monday - just the typical check up we have every four weeks - and it ended up being a really lovely appointment. We sat and talked to our doctor for a quite a while about vaccinations and about his experience with polio as a child and his continued struggle as many of his polio symptoms have returned in his old age. As we talked to him about his life, his experiences, and his opinions we really came to love him. What a sweet man. I feel grateful to have him deliver our sweet little guy.

While talking to our doctor was really wonderful, the highlight of our appointment is always being able to hear baby boy's heartbeat. Even though I get to feel him move and kick all day, there is still nothing like hearing that sweet (fast) beat. Our doctor told us that our little guy is "bigger than the average baby" which, based off of Kory's birth weight and the current size of my belly, sounds about right. He also showed us how our little guy is situated in my belly so when we feel his kicks and rolls we know what it is we're feeling. The more we come to know about our little boy, the more we love him. 

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  1. i have been anti blogger because i didn't want it to make me feel sick after the baby. weird i know. ANYWAY. SO SO EXCITED FOR YOU!! time is flyin.
    ps. at our last doctors appointment, the doctor told us that our baby was a couple of weeks ahead of the average 16 - weeker.
    big babies here we come! (i am so excited.)