one-liners (three)

10:21:00 AM

keeping a journal and worrying about getting every detail documented can be overwhelming. my solution is to try and write at least a line a day. here are some of my favorite little memories/thoughts/things from the past few weeks.

"she quietly expected great things to happen to her, and no doubt that's one of the reasons why they did." zelda fitzgerald 

Today I thought about shortcuts, and how everybody seems so anxious to take them
we live life in snippets
The problem with comparing ourselves to others is that, in the process, we are never motivated to be better but left feeling defeated.
I'm getting my wisdom teeth out today.

we're going to the aquarium. (today)
I made hummus today

Sometimes I think love feels like being a magnet.

it is pretty incredibly to feel our little man's kicks and know that we created him

Today was Grandpa's funeral and boy was it happy/sad/wonderful/tear-jerking.

“One of the advantages of being disorganized is that one is always having surprising discoveries.”
― A.A. Milne 

and we bought peaches yesterday, twelve of them.

I should read brian doyle more

also... is that little leg not the most darling thing you've ever seen? man we love this little guy.

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  1. Such a cute little leg! This is a great idea for journal keeping. I always get overwhelmed by the amount of things I want/need to write down and so I never do it...sadly. But small steps like this to better documenting of my thoughts and life sounds pretty great.