the New Year!

11:09:00 AM

 On New Year's Eve we went to a fabulous "Happy Days" themed party at my parents' house - if anyone knows how to throw a great party, they do. What a wonderful way to ring in the New Year. The past few weeks I've been thinking a lot about the New Year and new beginnings and the fresh start that a new calendar year represents. The conclusion I've come to is that, while the New Year is a great time to enforce the changes we've been wanting to make, I wish we'd be better about not waiting for the New Year to make those changes. The New Year is a very convenient time to change but ultimately, January 1st is just the day after December 31st. and maybe the timeline for fresh starts shouldn't be years but instead days or weeks or hours. We can decide to change at any time. And I guess my hope is that, when we execute changes immediately - rather than waiting for a better time - maybe those changes will be lasting ones.

So here's to change, reform, and growth that extends beyond the New Year!

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  1. That sounds so fun! You look amazing Mal!

  2. Happy new year in advance to everyone from my side.

    May this year will ring lots of happiness and joy in your lives.

    By the way, I would love to know your [plans for this eve :P Cause I am ready to be apart of