family pictures and remembering.

10:05:00 PM

A few weeks ago my sweet friend Chelsee took pictures for our little family. Kory and I couldn't help but tear up as we scrolled through them because she did such a fabulous job of capturing the joy we get from marriage and parenthood. We've taken thousands of pictures since Jeremiah was born but these ones in particular have a special place in my heart.

There is so much power in the ability to capture a moment through photos and videos. I've been thinking lately about how much technology changes parenthood and our ability to document not only big moments but small, daily activities. I know that when we look back on our lives our photographs will be some of our most treasured possessions because they are the closest we can get to reliving any given moment - that's something I've always known but now, more than ever, I value that ability to have increased remembrance. Recently, Kory and I were reminiscing on some old memories and I told him that I hope that someday we'll be able to go back and be in those moments again, or witness them happen, or have such a perfect recollection of them that we may as well be there. I know that as more time passes and we have more wonderful moments I'll hope for that more and more. There are some moments that are just too good to only experience once. I think our ability to remember is one of our greatest gifts and remembering all that has been makes me all the more excited for what is to come. And oh man am I thrilled to have such wonderful people to do all this with.

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