j. boy

11:36:00 PM

I saw a video today of a little girl sobbing at the thought of her tiny baby brother getting older and bigger. The video was adorable and charming and sweet and I found myself thinking this little girl gets it. Because, man, babies grow up wayyy too fast. Being a parent is a constant combination of lamenting the passing of one stage while looking forward, excitedly, to the next. This week I've been taking millions of pictures of Jeremiah's sweet gummy smile because little man is cutting a tooth and that sweet smile is going to be a little brighter any day now. On Saturday, J learned how to wave (or we noticed that he knew how to wave). He flaps his left arm wildly and gets this huge, giddy smile when anybody smiles and waves "hi." He's still pulling himself up on everything in sight and trying to walk but he is getting better about sitting down gently instead of falling. He learned how to suck out of a straw - not that we were trying to teach him, he just got his hands on my smoothie one day and started devouring it. He loves prunes, mangoes, baby puff cereal and whatever we're eating. He'll be 8 months in about a week. So mind boggling. 8 months just seems so close to a year and I don't feel ready for my baby to be a year old already. We're smitten by this sweet boy and his infectious smile more and more everyday.

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