Park City Food Touring

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Last week our good friends Jake and Shae were in town and we decided to join them on a food tour of Park City Main Street. We'd been talking about doing it for months and I was so excited we finally found some time to go. I am a major food-lover - I tell Kory all the time that I'd rather eat at a nice restaurant than stay at a nice hotel. I never regret eating a great meal so a food tour was right up my alley. The company that does the tour is called Gourmand Tours and I would recommend it to anyone! Chris Mclaws is the guide and she does such a great job of weaving in Park City history throughout the tour. We truly loved it. It was such a great way to try a handful of restaurants in just a few hours. We went to four restaurants - Bistro 412, Silver, Yuki Yama, and Wahso (and I would whole-heartedly recommend any of them) and tried a dish or two from each. It was so cool to visit each restaurant and see how seriously they took their food. All of the waiters knew so much about the food - where it was sourced from, how it was made, which chef prepared it, etc. Seeing how much they knew and appreciated the food they made really made the experience that much more interesting and enjoyable. I think there is something really powerful about sharing a meal with other people. I was raised to really savor food and to appreciate the opportunity that meal times provide to be with loved ones. As I've gotten older, my love for eating has only grown. For me, eating a great meal can be just as powerful as looking at a beautiful painting or hearing a beautiful song - it is a sensory experience, and just like visiting a museum or going to the opera, it can only be made better by sharing it with great company. I can't think of a better way to spend an evening than eating delicious food with close friends.


 ^^ Lamb lollipops from Yuki Yama

 ^^Wild Boar ribs and kimchi coleslaw from Silver. I'm usually not a huge fan of ribs, but these were pretty unreal. Silver works with a local farm to get new, fresh produce on a regular basis. They give the farm a lot of freedom and instruct them to just send down whatever is fresh/ripe/in season. Because of this, Silver's menu changes on a regular basis depending on what fresh ingredients the farm sends them. I love that. Of all the restaurants we visited, I think Silver was my favorite.

 ^^Kory protecting Jeremiah from the rain. We had really fabulous weather the whole tour but just as we were leaving the last restaurant it started raining out of nowhere. We walked to an ice cream shop a block away (because no meal is complete without dessert) and by the time we had our treats it was sunny again. So bizarre.

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