giving thanks.

5:42:00 PM

We had a Thanksgiving that looked just like Thanksgiving should - we were able to spend time with both of our families, we ate two (two!) delicious dinners, and we were able to reflect on some of the things we are most thankful for. I spent most of the day on the verge of tears as I thought about all that we have to be grateful for. I thought about my loving Heavenly Parents, about the atonement, about my brother living in Germany and my baby who's turning 1, and about my sweet husband who works so hard he popped a blood vessel in his eye from all the stress of running a small business during the holidays. I thought a lot about my 8 siblings, my two wonderful parents, my nieces and nephews and the giant slew of people I'm surrounded with who are so good and so kind and who love so deeply. Life is inherently difficult - we face hard things everyday, but we have countless blessings to be grateful for and our joys far outweigh our sorrows. It seemed like on Thanksgiving, and in the days since, I've been blessed with a really acute awareness of just how blessed I am and just how abundant the life we lead is. Our life together is simple, but it is so full.

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  1. Mal, you're such a beautiful mother. I love reading your blog posts! (also, great pictures!)

  2. My husband and I spoke on being grateful today in sacrament meeting. I wish I would have read your blog post prior to my talk. You have a way with words! You are a beautiful person.