Littering: The Ultimate Sign of Human Laziness

3:05:00 PM

I've recently had an epiphany regarding my utter distaste for littering in any way, shape or form. Littering is the ultimate form of laziness, the litter-er is literally too lazy, too self-absorbed to walk usually no more than 10 feet to the nearest garbage can. Whatever is on their agenda is more important to them, while I am sort of a stickler when it comes to the environment, that is beside the point as far as this post goes. I'm not concerned about laziness's effect on the environment as much as I am concerned about how we as a people, as a culture are changing, are evolving into lazy, slothful creatures. This has made me obsessive compulsive in any situation where there is excess garbage - I find myself picking up paper towels in bathrooms when people just couldn't quite make it the extra step. I also find myself picking up receipts as I walk out to my car after work because the 20 garbage cans lining the mall exit and the 7 in the parking lot just aren't enough. I know this seems like a ridiculous subject to be so passionate about, so I'll keep this post brief. Put your garbage in the garbage, laziness is an unattractive attribute in any human.

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  1. THANK YOU for this Mallory, i'm glad we feel the same way:)
    p.s. i'm glad i found this lovely little blog of yours...