9:48:00 AM

Our world got to it's current state completely on it's own. All corruption, all evil, all knavery, all indecency is self-evolved. How? Who was the first human to be truly and thoroughly corrupt? Where did it start? It's a depressing thought, the idea that someone can be born an innocent, hopeless child and evolve to something so malicious: to be the first to create evil ideas, the first to instigate violence, rape, pornography, self-destruction, abuse and an endless list of various other things plaguing our earth. Let's not forget genocide, drugs, weaponry, and disgusting media. How did we do it? Really think about it... It's mind boggling and will lead you to an endless stream of tangents until you finally find yourself silently wondering why? how? and a whole variety of other unanswerable questions. I never like to end on a completely negative note so I guess we must recognize that for everything corrupt we also have something complete, something whole, something beautiful. We have music, art, design, writing, technology, for every person who is filled with hate there is another filled with love, truth, and light. As much as we have evolved to an utterly disastrous state we have evolved equally as much to a magnificent, beautiful one. We can't, however, completely disregard all the negative in the light of such beauty. These observations about the human race are spine-chilling, they reveal something about human nature - we are not pure, if we let corruption in, it will without fail destroy our minds and capture our souls. It doesn't feel proper to end this with my name or any form of signature, after all, I'm not writing to any one in particular and do not anticipate anyone reading this. If you do happen to stumble upon this: welcome to my mind, feel free to stay awhile.

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