Some call love a curse, some call love a thief but she's my home

6:01:00 PM

There is somebody for everybody. Isn't it strange to think that the person you love, adore, and admire more than any other is the same person that another loathes, despises, and abhors more than any other. Your worst relationship, your worst boyfriend or girlfriend is someone else's best. Your most apathetic ex has evolved into the most passionate and loving being. When you're running fast the other direction, avoiding a potential relationship with a person you don't love, there's someone else out there, running towards them, willing to give up anything for them. Every person you could never imagine loving will indeed find love. Never degrade, demoralize, or discount someone's emotions, every emotion is valid; even if their choice seems absurd, just remember: that as you endlessly chase that man of your dreams, another gal, in some far away place, is running as fast as she can the other direction. And as you run away from that guy who just can't take a hint, someone else is secretly wishing they were you. Everyone finds love, its just not in the places we search for it.

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