Strange Fettish.

4:06:00 PM

Okay, so I have this thing for owls. Very Odd, I know, but I've always just loved them. I think they are the most interesting, mysterious, unexplored animal; which is saying a lot because I'm really not a big animal fan. Perhaps I'm so intrigued because they're always portrayed as these great symbols of wisdom, intelligence and power. I'm not sure where these ideas come from but I'm extremely interested. I think they are a beautiful and curious animal, and what's even more interesting is what happened when I tried to research more about them...there was hardly anything posted anywhere that I could find, other than extremely basic facts, but they remain a mystery mostly. I love that they're a nocturnal animal, that they can fly silently, that their heads turn around to the back, and that they just sit there and observe. They're just...a very curious animal.

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