12:54:00 PM

Where is everyone going? She wondered as orchestras of crickets chirped into the darkness; a sound she only noticed as she consciously chose to. The more she thought about it the more annoyed she became. She finally decided against thinking, yet she refused to go to bed. She felt beds were too finalistic, a way of dying for the night. Throwing in the towel. She slept on the couch that night, knowing her sleep would be interrupted by the uncomfortable state she hadn't become accustomed to. At this point, she would relocate for the night and finally succumb to a deathly sleep, surrendering to the inevitable slumber that awaited her; surrendering to the night as its dark arms encompassed her in a blank, dreamless, sleep. At last. Peace. Perhaps knowing her sleep would be interrupted by her body's sudden awareness of displacement helped her to sleep. Temporary. Change. She loved those words. She tried to decipher her own thoughts, annoyed by their perplexity and insistence, frustrated by her lack of success. Amongst her frustration with her thoughts, a deep burning insisted within her; a sensation she couldn't explain, her thoughts ran wild, and she knew without them she was nothing.

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