Mind the Gap...

1:12:00 PM

Alright, when I was a kid I had this preoccupation with getting the gap between my teeth closed, I honestly hated it. Ohh, I hated it. It never really affected the way I viewed myself, it was simply a nuisance. Well, as I've grown, that has dissolved; I hardly even notice it anymore. A few weeks ago my darling best friend Allie directed me to a blog with a whole section of pictures of extremely beautiful women with gaps in their teeth. I realized that if I were to close the gap in my teeth, my smile would just look ordinary, like any other woman's. My smile is me, its part of my character, my own twisted imperfection that I've grown to love and am now a bit attached to. For now, it matches who I am, every woman is her own imperfect and unique form of beautiful, and I love that. be it scars, moles, gaps, freckles, curves, or anything else, it is who we are. Never sacrifice your own unique traits to become mainstream, ordinary, or ideal. THAT is tragic, why give up the very things that make you you,only to resemble a Stepford wife robot. Whatever you are, own it. never let anyone take that away; and certainly never give those things up without a fight. When you do, a bit of your soul goes with it.

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