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I think when I am married, this change will not only become a relationship status but rather a definition of who I am. I am married. This signifies a part of our very being; I am a mother,I am a woman, I am a student, I am a daughter,I am married. The "I am" aspect denotes something about our very existence, our very being that is now interlocked with that of another. You become each other. It is not something you have, enjoy, need, or desire, it becomes the very essence of who you are. You are not only defined as a single person but as an eternal unit. (Unit is such a blah word for that, but you understand) This is why we absolutely, positively, without a doubt MUST marry for love. Not for convenience or compatibility but for absolutely consuming, undeniable, irrevocable passion. We must choose wisely who we marry; they become as much us as we are us. Are the people we are currently dating/marrying/courting what we want to become? Are they the epitome of who we want to be, we must of course, over look flaws and imperfections but are they fundamentally what we want to become? Because something has to give either way, that is the inevitability of a successful relationship: give and take. If we can honestly say we are so in love, so passionate, so encompassed in the very being of this person that we want to become what they are - we must never let them slip away. However, what if we are disgusted at the thought of becoming what this person is, if we don't have a pure desire to become one with them,if we are lacking passion, or on a less serious note, if we're just not a huge fan of what this person stands for? Run.

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