Interesting Find: The Dreaming Sleeper

10:34:00 PM

I was reading an article about sleeping, dreams, etc. It claimed to be able to explain something about your personality based off of the way that you dream. Here's what I found...

Can you vividly recall your dreams each morning? Your sleep style indicates that you are likely highly creative in your waking life.
"People with an intensely high level of dream recall have something called 'thin borders,'" says James Pagel, M.D., director of the Sleepworks Laboratory in Colorado Springs, Colo. "That means that for them, everything is in shades of gray, there's not whole lot of black or white. They’re not purely Democrats or Republicans; they are not quite asleep or awake; and they define much of their lives in that way."
Such people tend to be odd and quirky—and although most are perfectly normal, they are at higher risk than others for schizophrenia.

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  1. ugh oh thats me! i remember my dreams so well.... that explains the voices in my head :)