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It’s the ignorant feminists who are destroying feminism. No one feels the need to prove they can be just as good as men unless they feel fundamentally inferior. It is those who silently pursue their dreams, for their own sake of pursuing them (not simply to prove they can) that are doing mankind justice. No, not doing just women justice, as if we need it, but doing all humans justice. Women don’t exclusively need to prove anything that men don’t. I believe there is something to be said for women not becoming doormats, for women defending themselves and for being strong, independent people. But the same stands for men. A man is just as susceptible to being used, unwanted, abused, and dependent as any woman. As an entire human population we must choose against becoming weak and enabling ourselves to be used. I am not against the title of feminism if it is used correctly, more often than not I define myself as a feminist. However, beyond a certain it is dangerous for it keeps women continually believing they are inferior and must prove themselves to men, when we truly are past that point. This goes back to the concept that all things must be done in moderation. We live in a world where we can vote, own business, buy property, have a successful career and do virtually anything else a man can do, thanks to feminist movements. But when we are extreme feminists, defending ourselves against attacks that aren't being made this is simply an indication that we can't escape the past, that we still dwell on the way things were, though we are beyond this. As long as we acknowledge men and women as unequal, they will remain unequal.

The acknowledgment that there is a border between the sexes is what originally created sexism and spoken gender roles. There’s no such thing as what women should do or what men should do, all should study, learn, grow and be decent beings regardless of gender, beliefs, etc. Men and women alike should seek education, learn everything possible, be nurturing, and be hard working. We should not be surprised by a woman who can change a tire or a man who can bake a cake, we shouldn’t even acknowledge these things as crossing gender lines because this means we still believe there still is a line when truly, none is existent. The previous tendency for men to work and women to stay at home is eradicated. Too often being a staunch feminist slips towards constantly defending your gender and insisting it isn’t inferior. To be a true woman is to live to your fullest as a human being, as a respectable, lovable woman. It is to love being a woman rather than to try to be a man. Don't try to become one of the guys, rather be an outstanding woman among the men. This is noble, this is honorable and this defines true feminism.

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  1. Mallory... the reason women can vote, can go to school, can own businesses is because of feminism. Why would you title your self as an anti-feminist? This is saying that since black people can now vote, we should all be against the civil rights movement.

  2. No, no. I'm definitely not anti-feminist darling. This was sparked by something and I'll have to talk to you about it sometime to give you all the details. I just hate when girls don't understand what feminism is and they constantly act as if they are being provoked and undermined; defending themselves when no one is accusing them, and trying to justify their womanhood when in reality no one is attacking it. I am all for the feminist movement, and define myself as a feminist on many occasions, but not until someone threatens my feminism. I don't go around declaring that I'm a feminist and shoving it down men's throats that I am equal with them (this is the instance that provoked this post). Does that make sense? I guess I'm tired of women thinking they need to prove they're equal if no one is telling them otherwise.

  3. Sorry, I wasn't very clear about that in my initial post and I've amended the points you addressed. Hopefully that clears up things for you.