the folks.

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Candid picture of my wonderful folks at a restaurant in California.

My parents are truly the most fabulous people I have ever encountered. Their marriage is the epitome of what I want mine to be and I know that I am truly blessed for the example they've set. They're the type of people who are both so strong, so loving, so wonderful on their own and when you put them together they're simply unbreakable. Their love is so unique, so unlike others their age, so remarkable. I often joke that they act like teenagers, that they're in love the way you'd see in newly weds.

One particular morning, I woke up, managed to find the stairs, and as I did I saw my mother, in her pajamas, writing in sharpie all over the walls... VP + MP = LOVE in big hearts. She drew a picture of the Salt Lake Temple and wrote the date of their anniversary. When I walked up, she threw me a marker and said "here, color with me, but it has to be about love, this is the wall of love, we're jumping on the couches next, they feel a bit stiff." I didn't ask any questions and the wall of love transformed into something beautiful over the months following. That's my mom for you. She is the most spontaneous, loving, hilarious person I know. Earlier this week my mom and I were on a drive at about 10 in the morning. We drove past my Brother's school to see his best friends car. My mom did a quick U turn. "Where are we going?" "We're going to put oreo's all over his car." And we did. At 10 in the morning, in broad daylight. For all the seminary students to see. Then we left, just like that. That's my Mom.

My dad is equally hilarious, telling unexpected jokes that curse, spending hours decorating for Halloween, including cutting branches off a tree to line down the railing to our house. My dad is notorious for waking the kids up on Saturday mornings by tickling us till we can't stand it. He sings goofy songs and tries to dance like a gangster with his hat to the side and hands in the "west side" sign. My dad is also incredibly loving, understanding and spontaneous. One Christmas he told us that he actually plays the piano and that he and my mom will be doing a duet. We had never heard my dad play so we were naturally anxious. "We will be playing the song, 'Little Bummer Boy'" My mom began to play the familiar tune of Little Drummer Boy when suddenly my dad walked to the piano and rhythmically sat on the keys in tune with the song. We were hysterical. Such things are typical.

So these are the people, the wonderful people who are so in love. One day my parents were sitting on the couch, we were all watching the news or something. My dad began to stand up, "Ah, I better get to work." Before he could get too far my mom crawled onto his lap and started to kiss him, "you're not going anywhere." We all laughed and my dad stayed a while longer. My parents are the type of people who go on long walks then call me to pick them up and get ice cream. My parents are the type of people who send me on midnight hamburger and chocolate runs. My parents are the type of people who play more than their children, who have random leaping contests with real trophies, who take us on Rock Hunting trips for Spring Break simply for the sake of being hilarious. My parents are the type of people to put a record on and dance every Sunday night. I have never heard them yell, fight, quarrel, or be short with each other, I don't think they could do it even if they wanted to. My parents are remarkable, and I am blessed to call them mine. I look at what they have and know I can settle for nothing short of what they have. It is because of their love that I have the courage to also love.

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  1. I miss your parents SO much!! Thanks for sharing some of your memories so that many of my memories came back....