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My mother and I have an ongoing joke about call-center/customer service outsourcing and how we always seem to land our selves with frustrated Indian men. No, not Native American men, we're talking Hello-I-Am-From-India-Indians. The real deal. I cannot tell you how many times I have heard the words "Ma'am, I need you to lower your voice ma'am and just listen." Well, earlier today, I saw my mom on a call with some company, laughing hysterically while keeping her mouth far from the phone receiver. It must be an Indian man I assumed. Yet in an instant she read my mind and shook her head. She began making sleep gestures, pretending to use her hands as a pillow and snoring. He's Sleeping?? She nodded. "I think I woke him up" she whispered, "and he's not even Indian!" I couldn't help but laugh and wonder what in the world was happening. Turns out my mom called the company whose representative answered with a simple 'hello,' no 'hello welcome to such and such how can I help you?' Just a simple 'Hello?' So my mom's natural response followed "Um, hi, is this such and such company?" "Oh, yes it is, see we're calling because..." "No, sir, I called you." "Oh? Oh yes. Yes you did.." This continued for quite some time, and I thoroughly enjoyed it to say the least. That's all.

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  1. oh gosh Mallory this is too good! Remember how you're going on a study abroad to India? (You're probably going to get a job in a call center prety soon). Also, remember how me you and Clayt would always talk in an Indian accent?… I think Skyler has it mastered.