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I think many people want a riot out of love. Want excitement and unpredictability just as much as they want commitment and a lack of surprises. Everyone wants a paradox in love. They want contradictions. They want to be with someone sometimes sensitive and soft, other times bold and aggressive. They want to be with someone perfectly honest, who will tell the truth under all circumstances yet expect lies to save face. They want someone intelligent, but no more intelligent than they lest they should feel inferior. They want someone confident but not arrogant, someone humble but not weak. They want someone who will take charge in every situation except for the ones they feel qualified in. And they want someone who can discern which of these things they need to be at the very moment they need to be it. They need someone loyal, but playing hard to get adds excitement to the relationship. They want someone to flirt shamelessly and kiss often, except for when they want to be serious and untouched. They want some to be completely hilarious at one moment and weep with them at the next; the perfect balance of laughter and sympathy. Perhaps, perhaps they want these things because in reality they don't actually know what they want.Tragically, stability and unpredictability cannot long live in a relationship until one conquers the other. And so goes the rest of these traits. A contradictory love cannot be kept alive, a love that switches its focus daily, minutely, will not last. Love continually works towards one thing; an undying burning, a quenchless desire to simply exist in the world of another. When you truly love someone there is not an ounce of lust, but rather, a true and honest desire to keep them safe, and to be in their arms. Those who are deeply in love would give almost anything simply for an hour in the arms of the one they love, anything. This love is love regardless of being recognized as such, this love is love unconditionally, this love is love whether or not the lovers are being coy or bold, flirtatious or rigid, business-like or romantic. This love lasts because the love is not based on the subject matter, the silly minutely decisions, the ridiculous games played, it is based on a deep tie, an uncontrollable magnetic force between two people, a force that seems to want them together, to bring them together, and they want it too, they love each other because it is essential to their living, a necessity to their existence. And what a beautiful thing it is, to be in love.

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  1. Hi - My name is Aaron

    I stumbled across your blog.... I don't know how exactly. Ha ha. Anyway, I really liked this post. Quite an exhilarating read that is very honest.

    Thank you for writing it :) I may link to it from my blog if you don't mind.

  2. Thanks for allowing me to share your awesome writing on my blog! Thanks for checking out my blog as well. I could learn a few things from your blog, writing style, and ideas. Keep up the good work.