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The past couple semesters I have developed an odd fetish for documentary watching. My fetish started with King of Kong. Its a gaming documentary. Is it any wonder that I loved it? Everything progressed from there; I now watch a new documentary almost every day, at least every other day. Of all the documentaries I've watched quite possibly my favorite is Man On Wire. To say it is beautifully done is an understatement. It is absolutely lovely, spine chilling even. I recommend it to anybody and everybody, yet I well know that many will never see it. This clip is my favorite from the film, if you never take the time to watch the full film at least take the time to watch this clip. You will not be disappointed. It is slightly out of sync but still wonderful, in the actual film the subtitles are in English as opposed to French...another plus. You have five minutes for this, I promise.

As I viewed the clip again and again on YouTube and glanced at the comments, something caught my eye, "He wins either way. He dies with passion or he walks with it." What a delightful thing to say. It made me wonder, though, am I living my life this passionately? Do I so love something that I would risk my life to preserve and enhance the beauty of it? I think I do. And I think deep passion is the root of uncontainable bliss. I could expound, but I think this video speaks for itself.

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