taking time to look at the stars.

11:27:00 PM

Tonight while on my way to take a test that I was sure I would fail, I walked with my nose high in the air, gazing at the stars out of habit. Amidst the hussle of students hurrying to the game I saw a beautiful and oddly graceful falling star. This was no shooting star. It was distinctively and boldly falling. My test-passing peers hurried on and missed the sight I smiled over for minutes. I'd take that over a high grade any day. Perhaps that's my problem, I can't get my nose out of the stars.

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  1. Mallory - your last few post's have been awesome! I just got time to sit down and run through some of my favorite blogs, and I really get a kick out of reading these thoughts and ideas. This one I'm commenting on is priceless. It's actually a great reminder not to take your "nose out of the stars" if anything. Life is a series of wonderful moments like the one you explained here... We just need to learn to take the time to look for them! Thanks for the reminder