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I don't currently have the time or emotional energy to explain how much I absolutely love and adore my brothers, but I can't help but give you a little glimpse, give them just a little credit. When my oldest brother, Trevor, was in his post-mission years and I was in my pre-teen/teenage phase we became best friends. He drove me to my friends houses and we'd sit in his car listening to Brian Regan and laughing till my friends called me in. We'd get ice cream, learn EFY dances, and we even had a set CD we put on everytime we were in the car together, and we belted every word. My next brother, Tyler, is turning 17 soon and it seems too surreal. We've been buddies forever. Along with my youngest brother, Danny, we made forts, smoothies, pretend restaurants, and fires. We made our own city which I declared myself the Mayor of. I dressed Danny up as a girl and everyone thought Tyler and I were twins. Across the board, I have the sweetest, gentlest, toughest, most hilarious, most wonderful, most loving brothers. The type of brothers that will rough house and play like kids and then paint their sisters toenails without question. The type of brothers who would kill anyone who hurt you and then text you at midnight to make sure you get home safely. The type of brothers who act tough but can't leave the house without saying 'I love you' at least three times. They're wonderful. And that's all there is to it.

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  1. I adore brothers so much. I have four wonderful ones myself :)

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  3. LOve. LOVE. love love love. lovelovelovelovelove. the end :) i agree, good brothers you have.

  4. aweee good stuff :)
    hope all is well Mallory!

    fallow me on

  5. This makes me love my sister.

    Dunno why.

    You're a babe, Mallory.