How Lucky to be so Unusually Free

1:31:00 PM

Perhaps, on this lovely Valentine's day, you were wanting a wonderful, elegantly understated, speaks-for-itself kind of love song. If this is the case, please enjoy, you're welcome. Also, I know you've heard about love all day, and for the large majority of the population without a significant other, it is easy to believe it is a nuisance, its not. Stop being bitter. (And I say that with the most sincerity and love I can muster in a cyber world). But in honor of the day I simply must share my most fundamental belief about love, the hopeless romantic side of me demands it, so please excuse me while I revert back to a previous journal entry on the matter...

I don't understand the way most people think about love, as if there is a plethora of people we could potentially spend the rest of forever with. I hate this idea. This idea that there are all these options, all as equal as the next. I don't believe it. Not for a minute. I mean sure, perhaps there are several people who would fit, who would work, who would satisfy some purpose, however, there is one right person. One most right person. I don't understand a world where there exists more than one "perfect person" for each person. Many hate this idea that I have, complaining that it inflicts great anxiety, "how will I find the one?" You will. So many people spend their entire lives searching high and low for their soul mate and skip the middle ground, the beauty of the ordinary, stop searching. If you reach for love she will hide and if you chase fate she will flee. Above all, what I cannot understand is the opposite of my theory, the side that most I encounter believe, that there are many potential mates, all as "right" as the next. If love is the most whole thing a person can feel, the most complete, finished state of mind then how can we possibly feel that with more than one person? I suppose my believe is based on my theory that love, in its fullest form, is the most complete emotion. How can you have that fulfillment with more than one person? I believe the completion of love and its uniqueness is in its exclusivity, its monogamy, no man (or woman) can have two equal soul mates, it is beyond the human capacity for emotion. I understand we come up with alternate theories to pacify our raging anxiety over relationships and soul mates, I also understand why many pre-love realists deny the existence of soul mates altogether but when you do finally find the one how nice will it be to know that he is the one for you and only you. And you are his. And isn't that lovely.

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