Match Made in Heaven Syndrome

6:18:00 PM

As humans we have an odd tendency. A tendency to believe that just because someone is perfect for us they are also automatically the one for us. I know, I know what your thinking, "well, if someone is absolutely perfect for you it is only logical that they are also the one for you." I, however, don't believe this to be true. Additionally, I don't believe that being perfect for someone is exclusive. The very same reasons that someone is the perfect match for you could be the very same reasons that they are also perfect for someone else. I would go as far as to say that the people who are "perfect" for us, more often than not are not actually the person we should be with, or the person we will find ourselves falling in love with. Many suffer from the "match made in heaven" syndrome, wherein they believe that compatibility is a sign, and convenience is key, if they get along with someone on paper, in a sense, they expect to fall in love. But falling in love for the sake of convenience is always a dangerous path to take. More often than not, those we fall in love with are actually very inconvenient lovers, people that we shouldn't necessarily be with just like that but that we make sacrifices for. Love isn't supposed to be easy, simple, or instant. The dynamic of love, the definition of love is very confusing, complicated, but it is the act of falling in love that makes the confusion clear, makes understandable that which was previously abstract and makes beautiful that which was once a disaster. Lets not get so caught up in perfection.

p.s. Please excuse the Cliche-ness of talking about love at Valentine's Day. It seems to be universally thought provoking for me regardless of the month.

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  1. Words have escaped me. But, I know I love what you've written here, for various reasons.

  2. Love it Mallory! Very real.. some facts that a lot of us know, but don't want to face.