The Simplicity of a Box.

4:38:00 PM

Today there are too many thoughts for me to safely express in one little box. Isn't it funny how when you put something in a box, when you draw four little lines around it on a piece of paper it suddenly looks like a solvable, manageable, approachable task? Oversimplification is what I'm prone to calling this process. You write a definition and put a little box around it and suddenly its understandable. Often times, as I write my notes in class I'll box the ordinary - definitions, Greek words, names of famous people I need to research, simple things, easy things. Then, next to the simple concepts in the boxes I'll put something complex in a box like "world peace," "a cure for cancer," or "the solution to domestic violence" and suddenly my world becomes simplified, and I smile at the contradictory simplification of square shapes, I've never had this problem with circles. Perhaps its because they're infinite and boxes are definite. I'm over analyzing this. Every time someone presents me with a grand problem I fight the temptation to say "put a box around it, they fix everything." That's all for that. Also on my mind is how even amongst great tragedy there is a necessity for humor. Even amongst the most dire circumstances we must find some sort of light joy, easy-going laughter. Perhaps we even joke about the tragedy itself, a twisted solution. Regardless of the origination of this humor it is necessary and it often becomes the sole source of sanity.

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