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Alright ladies and gents, this lovely band has officially been my favorite for over a year, and for those of you who know of my flippantly inconsistent music interests, that's saying something. Scott, Ciera, and Emily are not only incredibly sweet, admirable people but extremely talented musicians. And that's an understatement. The first time I saw these guys play was at a Valentine's show at Velour and I was enchanted to say the least. I was even more impressed to later discover that this was their first show together (I will admit, it made me sentimental to realize that I had truly been there at the beginning). They are beautiful people making beautiful music, the kind of music that you crave to hear but can never find. When you finally find it you can't help but think to yourself "yeah, this is exactly what I've been wanting to hear." Its the kind of music with lyrics that leave you wishing you had such a clever and beautiful mind, and the sort of harmonies that leave in you with inexplicably teary eyes. You think I'm being dramatic, I'm not. Its the spine-chilling, inevitably-addicting, please-get-out-an-album-asap, sort of music we seem to be lacking. I have tried time and time again to explain the simple beauty of their shows but it is something that must be experienced, not explained. You're wondering, why am I doing this? Well, the time has come for this lovely band to make a record and they need any financial support they can get. After seeing that their "project is funded" on their kickstarter page I was under the impression that they didn't need anymore. But after speaking to Scott last night I realize that the more they have, the more they can do, and heaven knows we need more of this. Visit their website,watch their videos on Youtube. Come see them play at the Velour on April 25 and I can guarantee you will not regret it. You need it, and they deserve it. I know many of us are in college, money is tight, but if you can donate, donate. This is a cause that is worth as much as you can give, and when everything is said and done, you'll be honored to have been a part of something so lovely.

So, click here...please.

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