it has been a bloody weekend.

11:24:00 PM

The unfortunate link between physical pain and emotional stability has proven irrefutable yet again. It's been a rough weekend as I've found myself coughing up swallowed blood from my unexpected wisdom tooth extraction; I've been annoyed with pain as I've accidentally slit my finger on a razor blade, and tried to contain my mind while trying to stomach my lortab. I hate feeling myself say stupid things, knowing their stupid, but not being able to stop myself from saying them. I'm talking too much, which is also bothering me immensely. And I want nothing more than to pour my pills down the drain and to be in bed; not because I am tired, but because I don't want to think any longer. Goodnight brain. I suppose this all serves to make me grateful for every minute I spend pain-free, in the same way a cold sore serves to remind you just how luck you are to have blemish free lips and the way a burn-blister serves to remind you just how much those things hurt. I'm finished. Really. Goodnight brain.

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